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VirBuster video
Low disinfection costs

VirBuster ozone generators do not need any cartridges and other consumables or filters. For their function, they only need a 230V power supply. Only 0.05 cents are enough to disinfect a 6 x 6 m space with a ceiling height of 2.77 m (100 m3) using the VirBuster 10000 ozone generator.

Wide range of applications

VirBuster ozone generators can be successfully used for sterilization and disinfection in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, schools, fitness centers, shops, locker rooms, theaters, restaurants, households, etc. Thanks to their capabilities, they can also be used to disinfect air conditioners and interiors of cars, buses and others. means of transport, where it removes the space not only from unwanted microorganisms, but also from odors.

Robust, light and precise design

VirBuster ozone generators are made of sheet steel and provided with a high-quality powder coating. The design also took into account the low weight for mobile use. Each VirBuster generator is carefully assembled from only the highest quality components for long product life. Every VirBuster generator is subjected to demanding tests in the production plant.

Air filter

VirBuster air is sucked in through a filter, which ensures that dust particles are not dispersed into the disinfected area.

Powerful and quality fan

The fans used in VirBuster generators have an air flow of 3.2 m3 / min and are always equipped with ball bearings to maintain their long life. The use of high-quality ball bearings also has a positive effect on fan noise, which is less than 40 dB.

Easy handling

Due to their construction, VirBuster generators are very light and, thanks to the integrated handle in the upper part, easily portable.

Safe product

VirBuster ozone generators are equipped with active FanFlow protection, which protects the operator from contact with the internal electrical parts of the device.

Easy maintenance

VirBuster ozone generators do not require any special maintenance.

EU certificate

VirBuster generators have been tested in Czech testing laboratories and have a Czech and CE certificate. By purchasing a VirBuster device, you purchase a safe product.

Made in Czech Republic, EU

VirBuster ozone generators were completely designed and are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Diametral Plc.

Warranty and post-warranty service

Every product can sometimes break down. Thanks to the production plant and service in the EU, you are guaranteed that your product will always be functional.

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