Examples of use

VirBuster video
Vehicle interiors


For disinfection of small areas, such as the interiors of motor vehicles, VirBuster 4000 is sufficient, which safely removes all viruses, mites and unpleasant odors within 15-30 minutes. When using more powerful ozone generators, the time required is reduced. Higher performance is an advantage for disinfecting larger vehicles.

Apartments and lofts


VirBuster 4000 is suitable for disinfecting flats, and it can remove viruses, mites and unwanted odors from your living space in a matter of hours. The following values according to the volume of the room will be used to estimate the required disinfection time of the room:

50 m3 in 30 minutes, 150 m3 in 60 minutes

Offices, family houses


For disinfection of offices and family houses, it is more advantageous to use the more powerful type VirBuster 8000 , which, thanks to its performance, reduces the application time by about half. You can use the following values by room volume to estimate the time required:

100 m3 in 25 minutes, 200 m3 in 45 minutes, 300 m3 in 60 minutes

Schools, kindergartens, open-offices


Premises with an area of more than 60 m2 should be disinfected with one of the more powerful types of VirBuster, especially for time reasons. We therefore recommend using VirBuster 10000 , which can produce and efficiently disperse 10,000 mg of ozone in one hour of operation. It is possible to disinfect: 100 m3 in 18 minutes, or 300 m3 in 52 minutes

Luxury Dining Hall
Shops, restaurants, service 


As in schools, VirBuster 10000 is suitable for disinfecting restaurants, craft workshops and retail stores. The device can be left running after working hours thanks to the built-in timer. VirBuster 10000 handles disinfection of areas, even large ones, fast enough:
150 m3 in 25 minutes, 200 m3 in 35 minutes, 300 m3 in 52 minutes

Fitness, gyms, locker rooms


In fitness, gyms and smaller gyms, the VirBuster 10000 generator will find application, which with its parameters will be suitable for disinfection of most similar areas. The advantage is that, in addition to viruses, the disinfected area is completely free of all unpleasant odors, which are very difficult to remove by normal ventilation.

Medical facilities, hospitals


Hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, doctor's waiting rooms and medical facilities are particularly vulnerable to the risk of viral infections. VirBuster 20000 , which with an output of 20 g O3 per hour is a very powerful weapon against viruses and odors.

It cleans well: 200 m3 in 20 minutes, or 600 m3 in 60 minutes.

Theaters, cinemas

We recommend using VirBuster 20000 in cinemas and theaters. Thanks to the high performance, spaces of similar dimensions can be disinfected in a relatively short time and thus do not disrupt the operation of the equipment. The hour cycle can be repeated several times with breaks, so that even really large spaces are perfectly cleaned of all viruses and odors.